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How to Buy Our Robots?


Note: Our EA and indicator are not decompiled versions. They are official legitimate activations.

There are three ways :

1. 300 dollars to join our VIP member, you can use more than Market Experts:113 Market Indicators:77 Source code:15125 on our website.(If you need to use a lot of EA and indicators, you can consider joining our VIP member, choose option 1. One-time payment, no future fees)Only 10 VIP members are accepted every month.We will recommend our profitable robots and our profitable portfolio to VIP members from time to time.

2. 30 dollars for any one EA or indicators on our website.(If you only need one, you can consider buying it alone. Choose option 2.One-time payment, no future fees)

3.  Free to get one EA/Indicator in December: you have doubts about us,  you can choose the free way to get it. Choose option 3.)

You can choose freely.

If you encounter any problems, please contact us by email. Our mailbox is [email protected]