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Trend Tracker

Time: 2016-05-22

Trend Tracker uses mathematical calculation based on Bollinger, Heiken Ashi and ATR to identify trend. A strong tool and good success ratio for early identification of long trends. Its mathematical calculations identify trends on basis of break outs and market momentum.

Practice will make you perfect and Trend Tracker strong mathematical calculations will ensure high success ratio.



Its early trend detection relies on complex algorithms of break outs that allows traders to get success on their manual trading skills.


Indicator Parameters



1) Main Strategy (Watch Video:

2) Secondary Strategy:




History Bars:

Keep History Bars between 700 to 1000 for proper display of Statistics. Please note that its efficiency will be high if we are keeping minimum NBars. If we are reducing NBars more, its painting and statistics are impacted. Optimized Value is NBars=1000.

For Strategy Tester please use Open Price Data as this Indicator decides after closing of candles. Tick data is heavy for strategy tester to test it.