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KARAS Multi Trend

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KARAS Multi Trend shows Long, Medium and Short Trend with their power. It is a supporting tool for trading systems as Trend filter. This indicator is easy-to-use trading system for beginners, advanced and professional traders.

Trend calculation method is based on momentum. This indicator has lots of calculation, but shows only results for easy using.


Key Features

  • No input parameters needed.
  • No repaint!
  • No dependence from the chart timeframe. It shows same results in any timeframe.
  • Suitable for Scalpers, Swing Traders, Day Trader, Short Term & Long Term Traders.
  • You may use this indicator for all instruments.
  • Compatibility to different trading strategies.


Trading Strategy

  • BUY: if long and medium trend is positive and short trend is negative. Good signal for re-entry to buy position.
  • SELL: if long and medium trend is negative and short trend is positive. Good signal for re-entry to sell position.
  • EXIT BUY: if there are 3 green bars in any term, exit buy. (It means the price is overbought on this term)
  • EXIT SELL: if there are 3 red bars in any term, exit sell. (It means the price is oversold on this term)



I am developing automatic trading strategies and indicators for 9 years. Especially I am working on major currencies, CFD and Futures.

If you have any questions, I am always happy to answer.

Best Regards, Ozkan.

Get this robot,Contact E-mail:[email protected]