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FxGlow Smart Trader

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"Paralysis In Analysis" - a cycle that traps traders from achieving their goals!

Are you using too many indicators and waiting for all the signals to align before you trade?

Will I enter NOW or WAIT? Is the strategy too subjective that you cannot even decide what to do?

As a result, good trading opportunities are missed & bad trading decisions are made afterwards.


Less lines, keep things simple.

Smart Trader clearly shows where to Buy or Sell, where to place your stop loss and take profit levels.

We designed Smart Trader to simplify your trading decisions, without repainting & without recalculating of past signals


Smart Trader Features

  • Very easy to trade and understand. Works for beginners & advanced traders.
  • Compact indicator. All important features are included for traders convenience.
  • Precise algorithm implemented to generate signals.
  • Non cluttering interface. Keeps your chart clean and clear.
  • Exact entry point (EP), stop loss (SL) & take profit (TP) levels.
  • Works in any symbol (Forex, Stocks, Futures, Cryptocurrencies).
  • Works in any timeframe.
  • Never repaints its signals.
  • Never recalculates the past signals.
  • Includes pop-up alerts, sound alerts, email alerts & push notifications.
  • Available sample code for EA integration


Smart Trader Algorithm

Smart Trader is an effective combination of Price Action & Support/Resistance Levels.

Important Support and Resistance Levels are calculated first.

Then Smart trader scans for breakout patterns when price touches these important levels.

When the breakout is confirmed, a signal is generated in realtime.

If the breakout passed all the internal filters, a strong or high probability signal is generated.

Smart trader has the ability to show past signals so you can study which patterns are more efficient to your trading.


Smart Trader Dashboard

The Smart Trader dashboard visually shows the following information:

  • Signal Type - the strength of the last signal generated (Normal or Strong)
  • Entry - the entry point of the last signal
  • SL - the stop loss of the last signal in price level and points
  • TP1 - the first take profit of the last signal in price level and points
  • TP2 - the second take profit of the last signal in price level and points


Smart Trader Input Parameters

Smart Trader parameters can be fully configured and adjusted.

  • Settings - controls the parameters for the main algorithm.
    • S/R Period - the number of bars used for the algorithm of the support & resistance levels.
    • Price Action - the number of bars used to determine the price action filter to enter trades.
    • Bars To Analyze - the maximum number of bars used for calculation.
  • Developers - parameters for coding purposes.
  • Interface - controls the parameters for on screen dashboard.
  • Visibility - controls the parameters for the display support/resistance levels, signals and text sizes.
  • Color/Sizes - controls the parameters for line colors, arrow colors, line sizes and arrow sizes.
  • Alerts - controls the parameters for signal alerts.

Get this robot,Contact E-mail:[email protected]