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【请不要相信回测记录,参数并不一样】【Please do not trust any Backtest result from our EA 】

Every second is money , stonebreaker would never waste the momentum from the market . Make 100% as soon as possible and never be stressed .


EA StoneBreaker is an Expert Advisor with a great diversification of operations and portion of lots . It will start with Scalping Strategy .

EA StoneBreaker  是一个分散手数的成功马丁策略。当中包括剥头皮为第一步,针对交易商瞄准你的止损或者挂盘或者极大滑点不让你剥头皮,我们使用画图技术避开其限制,让交易商束手无策。


Based on hedging price action orders starts ,the following protection orders with martingale。



90% of the market is doing Range or Swing . StoneBreaker focus on it . The risk is very controlled by stoploss function.

90%时间市场只是在波动,StoneBreaker针对此做出盈利 并能够承受重大新闻的极大波动。止损能够控制风险。


Main target of miner Parafly is to prevent a huge drawdown even we have tested it in 3000 USD real account and DD only 9% . You do not need any knowledge , the configuration is already done for you and we have tried in real account .



For we do not believe in any backtest result especially with multi currency strategy and we already have done real record 10000USD become 40000USD in a month . Brokers can not kill us , because Miner Parafly know to avoid an huge holiday spread ,huge spread during crossing the market .


Strategy involved :


- Scalping 


- Stop Loss Level of account equity


- Smart way to open order and close order


- Auto Calculate account currency to modify the profit and stoploss ( HKD USD EUR ) 

- Dynamic TP 是 當訂單達到某水平 會自動啟動dynamic tp 盡快關閉訂單重新開始


Less than 3000 Please Use H4 . 

We suggest 3000USD to run one pair on M1 . 

Recommended balance

>3000USD one pair . 


Recommended broker 建议交易商

We strongly suggest to use only ECN broker with lower spread  with 1:500 leverage 


 1:500 leverage 



  • MaxTrades = 15 (The Best after we tested in many real account )

  • Close EA after Stoploss ( It's a function to stop // uninstall the EA after hitting stoploss )

  • Money of DD to close per 0.01 Lot . ( Remember , it's per 0.01 lot in USD , 1 USD = 1.2 EUR , = 7.78 HKD  )

  • Allow to set when profit/Drawdown reach a level (USD) to stop EA opening orders and close orders on Wed and Friday . 

  • cmt - Please Change a comment to hide the EA name , So broker will never know what ea you are using . 

  • MaxSpread - 40 = 0.00040 

  • 可以设置当星期三及星期五的时候 同时盈利或者浮动亏损达到一个程度才关闭所有交易及自动暂停运作。

  • 备注可以修改,隐藏EA名字,让交易商不知道你在用什么EA,以防同一EA被针对。

Important Recommand: 

Please do not run other EA at same account . Otherwise Margin level is not enough for running Stonebreaker .

EA将会自动停止运作 在星期三及星期五 避免极大波幅及假日差价 减少中止损的机会。 

及请不要运行超过两个EA在同一个账号上面 资金不足够运行 增加止损风险!



No need a very fast VPS for running this Stonebreaker EA . 


Important upgrade ! 重要更新

1. Not allow stoploss during market close with Huge Spread . By Server Time . 

2. Allow change comment to let each user have unique order comment , So broker will not know what ea you are using ! 



1. 避免因为过时时段极大差价的时候止损 

2. 容许修改备注 隐藏EA名字让交易商不知道你在用什么EA




Important Logic Added : 
1. Dynamic Step , To Calculate the pass range of Bars to let Step to be Dynamic 
2. Range Allow to trade of the pass High Low to control the First Order
3. Dynamic Tp , Orders total of sell or buy will change greater than normal ( Red == Original Tp , Yellow == Bigger than Original, Aqua == Danger Close )
4. Ma Allow Added to control Marginal Orders  

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