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Download link:Real Version 1.5.ex4
                           Real Version 1.71.ex4

Real is an automatic robot that trades independently determining the most important resistance and support levels. Real will trade on any charts: DAX30SPX500BitcoinEURUSD and so on.

Martingale, averaging and other dangerous strategies are NOT used. Real is full compliance with the FIFO method. Real is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners, more below.

The main features of the apparent superiority of Real over other similar robots is a set of "Smart control Units":

  • Unit for the protection of the order and position of the user from an aggressive conjunctures  of the market or from low-quality services of a broker:
    1. Slip protection if the price does not suit us then we refuse to execute, not all brokers support this feature, therefore, even if the broker did not respond to the signal of this function and opened an order with slippage then the EA Real will immediately start the function:
    2. Stop loss protection - this function is responsible for the fact that no order would not go beyond the established loss strategy, even if there is a force majeure situation. Immediately after the launch, the function begins to modify all positions sending requests to the broker until it executes our orders;
    3. Spread protection - if the price is close to our order with an inflated spread - this function deletes all orders and then restores them at the same level.
    4. Order execution - in addition to ping, there is a real speed of order execution which is not specified anywhere, this is the main indicator of the quality of liquidity. Before the launch, Real will conduct a number of tests and evaluate your broker:
      1. Real speed of modification orders;
      2. Real speed of placing orders;
      3. Check the Stop Level and other indicators;
    5. Real will also capture different situations by taking screenshots and notifying you by Email and push SMS to your phone;
  • Powerful Unit of order tracking which includes:
    1. Virtual Trailing-Stop;
    2. Trailing-Stop ATR;
    3. Trailing-Stop by Parabolic (SAR);
    4. Trailing-Stop by MA;
    5. Trailing-Stop in % and Pips;
    6. Trailing-Stop method by "Noose" type";
    7. As well as many other settings;
  • Support and resistance levels optimization unit:
    1. Optimization of the search period levels;
    2. Timeframe;
    3. The time filter;

With many settings you will be able to easily find profitable settings practical for any chart. The variation of settings is endless. At the same time you do not need to have some knowledge.

For beginners:

  • If you do not understand the principles of configuration or just do not want to delve into the subtleties, just write me a private message and I will gladly help you set up Your account - it's not long;

For experienced:

  • As the author I warn that such strategies from the levels are specific, they can increase your Deposit tenfold if done correctly and can bring zero profit if you ignore the recommendations. As a developer I created EA Real a very powerful tool that has no equal analogues, but you as a trader should understand the risks and take full responsibility for trading, I in turn will constantly improve, update EA Real and support you. My recommendation:
    1. Do not use settings that have been in common use for a long time;
    2. When optimizing, try to use quotes of your brokers, most 99% of the quotes are third-party and they give no guarantees. Do not forget about the quotes of your broker even if they are 90%;
    3. During optimization, do not specify a low Spread and StopLevel, example: Spread (8) + Commission (0.04 USD) = 12 pips;
    4. The Stop-Level is an important indicator, do not optimize Trailing-Stop with a value below your broker's Stop-Level, it doesn't make sense;
    5. Trade with honest brokers with low Stop-Level and fast execution of orders, and also use VPS with low ping;
    6. After installation EA_Real he will conduct tests and will give you the information you need about the broker;

The default settings are for EURUSD H1


Just open the EURUSD H1 chart and set EA_Real with the default settings. After installation, the test will start and EA_Real will evaluate your broker. Also send me a message to get more settings for other charts.


Download link:Real Version 1.5.ex4
                           Real Version 1.71.ex4
Get this robot,Contact E-mail:[email protected]