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Night Wolf EA

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About optimization : EA always will be optimized for last 2-3 years ( pairs in signal ), after 1-2 months in a row without profit for single pair i will implement improvments.
From my experince market has cycles for SCALPERS. Single cycles may last for few years. Thanks god cycles dont change suddenly and not for all pairs in same moment. 


Night Wolf EA is a fully automatic Expert Advisor. This expert advisor can rival with best NIGHT SCALPERS in market! 

This expert advisor is based on volatility price and some custom rules and mathematics, EA is trying follow trend. Robot is trading around midnight (00:00 - 01:00) . The Robot was tested and optimized with 100% data ICMARKETS from MT5 with succes. 

Robot is working on MULTIPLE PAIRS with two logic entry ( VERSION 1.3 )Optimization for all pairs and timeframes is possible and EASY! ( Need time, NEW PAIR EVERY 2 WEEKS, WILL FOCUS ON MAIN PAIRS )

Fixed TP and SL(for secure) + AUTO LOGIC

Config Files/Settings : 

- Use default settings
- Pairs version 1.3 - EURUSD 15 min 



- Use ECN broker like ICMARKETS!

- Use default settings

- The Recommended Timeframe is 15 min and main pairs with low spread after 00:00 or just EURUSD ( version 1.3 )

- Minimum deposit 50$

- Use vps with low latency

- Need lower spread than 4.0


- % of Money You Want Invest - just choose your risk

- Take Profit Fixed - Fixed Take profit for secure

- Visual SL - Hidden SL 

- Stop Loss Fixed - Fixed Stop loss for secure

- Minimum Take Profit - Minimum target in pips for EA

- Minimum Age of Trade to close - Minimum age of trade in minutes for close loss trade

- When start range to FORCED close - In this range of time EA will force ea to close all trades

- When end range to FORCED close - up ^ End range

- Max Spread- Max spread in pips ( prefer no more than 4 )


Get this robot,Contact E-mail:[email protected]