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LCF Theta Vector

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Download link:LCF Theta Vector Version 9.3.ex4
                           LCF Theta Vector Version 9.4.ex4
                           LCF Theta Vector Version 9.5.ex4
                           LCF Theta Vector Version 9.7.ex4

LCF Theta Vector is based on custom variation of RSI indicator in assistance of vector algorithm and built-in AUTO_OPTIMIZER module that allows for dynamic adaptation to current market conditions (no calibration needed) - the specific result is chosen on the basis of several different coefficients. All additional stoploss mechanics can be used together.

EA can be run on different symbols and timeframes but for reducing demand on computing power internal parameters are narrowed and it is highly recommended to run it on this pairs and time frames:

  • XAUUSD (GOLD) at H1 time-frame (recommended LVL=12)
  • USDJPY at H1 time-frame (recommended LVL=10)
  • EURUSD at H1 time-frame (recommended LVL=12)
  • XAGUSD (SILVER) at H1 time-frame (recommended LVL=15)
  • and more in future

Default parameters are dedicated for XAUUSD symbol at H1 time frame.

Implemented Modules

  • AUTO_OPTIMIZER - takes a piece of the market, then it makes from hundreds to even thousands of simulations with various parameters combinations, results are being further calculated and best result is applied for next period. For each symbol which is susceptible to used method, usable variants are narrowed to increase work speed and prevent from price anomalies. Some variants must be excluded for some symbols, becouse even if they have good results in simulation they don't have good performance in next period of time. Possible states:
    • R/x.xx - positive result from main optimization process;
    • R/x.xx/e - positive result from sub-layer of optimization process;
    • R/0 - no positive result from optimization process.
  • AUTO_LOT - auto-calculation of LOT value based on SL, BASE2ACC_RATIO and RISK values according to actual account balance. In most cases EA automatically obtain or calculate BASE2ACC_RATIO value. Otherwise it returns alert and value should be inserted manually (exchange ratio between margin and account currencies).
  • DTSL - (Differential Trailing Stop Loss) hybrid mechanism of trailing stoploss and takeprofit. DTSL_POINTS value determines hidden take profit level and the closer the price is to this level, the tighter it becomes the stoploss. Check comments section to see graphic explanation.



  • Hedging account;
  • Recommended initial capital 1000+ USD (if minimum LOT=0.01) and 10000+ USD (if minimum LOT=0.1) for each pair;
  • About 2000 bars of history on chart;
  • In some cases patience of the user (on XAGUSD there is average 8 trades per month).



  • Stop Loss - if true, use classic stop loss (required to enable additional stoploss mechanics).
  • Stop Loss Breakeven - if true, use standard break-even mechanic (according to SL_POINTS value).
  • Trailing Stop Loss - if true, use standard trailing stop loss mechanic (accoirding to TSL_POINTS value).
  • DTSL module - if true, use DTSL mechanics (according to DTSL_POINTS value).
  • VOC module:
    • if true, in state (R.0) EA will not open additional orders.
    • if false, in state (R.0) EA will use last known good result to open next orders.
  • Stop Loss points - initial stop loss value in points.
  • Trailing Stop Loss points - trailing stop loss value in points.
  • DTSL points - DTSL take profit value in points.
  • Auto LOT calculation - if true, use AUTO_LOT module.
  • Auto LOT risk % - maximum risk per trade in percentage of current account balance (recommended range: 1-3).
  • Base/Account currency ratio - exchange rate between "margin_currency" from symbol specification and account currency (margin/account).
  • Buy order MAGIC - unique number for buy orders.
  • Sell order MAGIC - unique number for sell orders.
  • Fixed LOT - fixed LOT value (if AUTO_LOT=false).
  • LVL - max number of subsequent orders (separately for buy and sell, recommended range: 5-15).
  • Order comment - comment for orders.
  • Info Y distanse - position of interface on Y axis

Download link:LCF Theta Vector Version 9.3.ex4
                           LCF Theta Vector Version 9.4.ex4
                           LCF Theta Vector Version 9.5.ex4
                           LCF Theta Vector Version 9.7.ex4
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